Our Mission

The Asian Leadership Project is an Australian innovation.

As a business, we are first-to-market with our mission to fast-track diverse Asian talent into Leadership.

Our priority projects are:

  • Increasing the visibility of Asian Leaders through cultivating future Board Directors, CEOs and C-Suite Executives
  • Building a strong networking community where Asian talent can belong, are connected and supported via ongoing professional and career development opportunities
  • Supporting organisations to achieve business growth through culturally-sensitive inclusion and diversity practices

What We Do


We provide ongoing professional development via exclusive masterclasses, special events, career coaching and mentoring to accelerate your leadership career.

  1. Exclusive Masterclasses

    Uniquely designed and facilitated to maximise individual learning with Asian cultural sensitivity in mind.

    Participants are provided with expert knowledge, workshop scenarios and practical tips.

  2. Special Events

    ‘The Experience Series’ below are featured annually, plus more:

    • The Board experience
    • The CEO experience
    • The C-Suite experience


  1. Corporate Masterclasses

    Adapted from original (individual) Masterclasses

  2. Speakers Bureau

    We offer a range of recommended speakers for events at various fees to accommodate your organisational budget. Our speakers have Asian identity, regularly present in the public arena, provide key insights and expert opinions on Asian Cultural Diversity, Diversity and Inclusion combined with Leadership.

  3. Advice and Consulting

    We enhance organisational capability to better nurture and develop Asian talent through bespoke solutions.

  4. Asian Talent Referral (coming soon)

    We are the gateway to discovering new Board Director, CEO, and C-suite Asian candidates — an Australian first.

Want to know more?

For more information, contact us at engage@asianleadershipproject.com